The Science & Research

When you are looking for an energy drink, you want maximum results. While physical energy is awesome, positive mental energy makes you Ascend. We give you both. The synergistic blend of nootropics, amino acids, and dopamine in Ascend Energy takes you to the next level so that you can not only stay alert but feel amazing mentally too. 


Amino Acids for Strength and Function
Amino Acids for Workouts
AminoUltra™ Probiotics
Probiotics and their ability to aid in protein absorptions (abstract review)
FOS as a prebiotic for gut microbiota (Blue Razz Flavor)
“The health effects of low-calorie/artificial sweeteners are inconclusive, with research showing mixed findings.”
Caffeine + Teacrine + Dynamine synergy
Caffeine + Citicholine synergy on concentration and memory
Caffeine + L.Theanine Synergy
Dynamine + Teacrine Combination Safety
NALT for Cognitive Performance
Taurine for Hydration
L. Theanine for Focus
L.Theanine for Stress
Citicoline for motor performance
“Leucine, isoleucine and valine, the branched-chain amino acids (BCAA), make up about one-third of muscle protein.“
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